Dalla Melodia delle Cellule al Suono del Corpo Umano - Anteprima

Melodia delle cellule

disponibile anche sul canale Spazio Tesla Odysee



carlo ventura Carlo Ventura

Full Professor of Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy. Scientific Director of the National Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Engineering of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems (Istituto Nazionale di Biostrutture e Biosistemi – INBB – www.inbb.it) - Eldor Lab, Bologna, Italy. Editor-in-Chief: World Journal of Stem Cells (2020 IF: 5.326, 2021 Journal Citation Reports) Editorial Board: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

 Gullà1 Daniele Gullà

Graduated as Electronic Engineer, he has been interested in Biopsychocibernetics since twenty years. His passion for the Electronics, for the UV/IR Spectrography and for the Electroacoustics addressed him toward particular fields of the Psychic Research: the Paranormal Transimages and the Instrumental Transcommunication. Currently he collaborates with experts of Courts of Justice and Italian Police for forensic analysis in Biometrics (audio and video).

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